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The TCS 's owner, Tony Wang, started his career of supplying chinese natural stone products to clients in Europe, America and Asia since 2004.

The principle of the company,Xiamen TCS Trading Co., Ltd. ( Tony China Stone ), is to build the closed two-win connection between the foreign clients and the chinese reliable manufactory. So the TCS company is acting more like professional intermediary agent and/or consultant, rather than just trading with higher profit.

Unique Advantage 1: Competitive PriceAs explained in above, the profit rate for TCS ( Tony China Stone ) service should be reasonably fixed at 5% around, rather than normal trading company’s profit which is usually 9~20%.

Unique Advantage 2: Clear Calculation­As explained in point 1, it must show clearly how the price is calculated by stating every detailed cost including the price from factory, the cost of transportation, ctnr loading, forwarder’s handling, bank fee, courier's delivery, TCS ( Tony China Stone ) ’s profit and etc. It also helps to avoid misunderstanding when price has to be increased, when clients can see clearly which specific cost caused the increasement of final price.

Unique Advantage 3: Considerate ServicePromise to keep clients posted in time about every updated progress since order placed till quality approved after receiving goods. The well-designed "Progress Report" form from TCS ( Tony China Stone ) will realize this service promise by being updated to clients in time.

Unique Advantage 4: Prompt response to quality issue Quality of products from TCS ( Tony China Stone ) is only controlled by the factory who has QC team. In this way, when there was quality issue after receiving and checking by the client, and as long as it’s clearly the fault from factory, compensation plan can be made efficiently. (For lots of trading and Imp.&Exp. Company, they prefer to control quality by his own QC team, then factory is only responsible for producing with no checking quality. When there’s quality issue from client, the trading company will argue with factory by then, trading company thought it’s factory’s fault, but factory always says it’s trading company’s QC team’s fault of careless checking. So compensation rate can only be confirmed after a long time negotiation among clients, trading company and factory.)

Advantage 5: Reliable Manufactory Every co-worked factory of TCS ( Tony China Stone ) is well selected after 10 years’ cooperation. This helps the price competitive and quality reliable.

Advantage 6: Easy Communication My 10 years’ knowledge of stone products & experience of international trading work and my good ability of English language all help correct understanding and valuable advice to avoid problems in advance. Lots of sales as employee in trading company is too young to know well stone nor can not read drawing well; and lots of sales from factory has poor English and can not guarantee considerate service.

Range of competitive stone products: Tile, Slab, Paving(including Kerb and Cubes), Building parts(sill, quoin, cap, cladding), Landscaping & Furniture, Mosaics and Sink, and artificial stone including Nano Glass(Marmo Glass), Engineered Stone and Quartz Stone. Different products are from different specific professional factory.

Range of competitive colors: Granite(G603, G623, G640, G654, G682), Marble (China Marble mainly, and emperador dark for mosaics & tile), Porphyry (Red and Grey),Limestone (blue limestone)

It will not take too much time to send one more email to TCS ( Tony China Stone ), when you’re already sending inquiry to other suppliers.

But it surely will return with one more chance of finding a better supplier with competitive price & considerate service.

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General Manger of TCS ( Tony China Stone )